Finally I am telling her what I feel

Nowadays, it’s more difficult to enter into romantic relationships because it can be difficult to recognize the indicators that someone is concealing their feelings from you. In general, many women freely express their sentiments to their partners, whereas many males choose to keep their feelings to themselves for a variety of reasons. Perhaps society is to blame for that. It might be challenging to sense when someone likes you or is playing mind games with your heart. This is so because both like and tricking someone require the same strategies. We’ve all experienced some internal butterflies as a result of one person. The world seems to stop at that very instant, and we forget about our troubles as we savor the sensation. Having someone care about you is comforting, without a doubt, but it’s important to distinguish between true love and normal affection.
Love for another person is more intense and thrilling. When you love someone, you want to spend all of your time with them and do amazing things together. Without holding back your feelings, you want to share with them everything of your experiences and recollections. And you’ll go out of your way to make them happy because you care about them. In contrast, an emotion travels a different route than love. The sensitive heart typically interprets someone expressing sentiments for you as a sign of growing love and jumps to the conclusion that they will do everything for you, but this is not always the case. It is clear and certain to feel a specific way about someone.

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