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finally the DNA result has arrived

This is the touching moment a 60-year-old woman is reunited with her 34-year-old son, who was abducted when he was two years old, after a three-decade search. The mother had spent the previous 32 years traveling across China in search of her son, Jia Jia, who had been stolen on the street in 1988. On Long Lost Family, a mother who became pregnant at the age of 14 with an older guy who subsequently vanished is reunited with her son 52 years later. Lynne Oakes, from North London, was placed to a mother and baby home by her parents when she found out she was pregnant as a teenager, and her newborn boy was’snatched away from her arms’ ten days later. Then there was the last day, which I recall crying. As I was feeding him and talking to him, all my tears were falling on his face. I apologized and told him I loved him and would always love him, and that one day I would find him. ynne married, but she never had any more children. Meanwhile, Eugene, now known as Michael, was discovered in the Norfolk town of Thetford. Michael told co-host Nicky Campbell that he was relieved to have been found, but he was grieved to learn of his birth mother’s plight. It must have been a nightmare…’ ‘Handing over someone you care about, knowing you’ll probably never see them again,’ he explained. Davina McCall, a co-presenter, met Lynne to deliver the news she had been waiting for for almost 50 years. ‘They then put him in the crib, wheeled him away, and that was the end of it.’ I couldn’t believe something so lovely had been taken from me.’

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