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“Fishikawochu” comedy sitcom episode 1

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Do you ever feel unsatisfied, regardless of how well you perform or audition? Do you ever feel like nothing you do is “good enough” or that you are always falling short? Know that there is hope and a better approach if you are constantly berating yourself for seemingly insignificant matters or turning down opportunities because you are worried about performing less-than-perfectly. As someone who personally battles with this issue, I’ve learned to deal with it better over time and have lately learned something that I hope you will also come to value. And what is that? Because there is a vast difference between excellence and perfection, and that only one of those is even possible for you to achieve. Being perfect is impossible. Factual statement: Your obsession with perfection may be sabotaging your chances of having a really pleasurable acting career. Quite severe, huh? The truth is that perfection is unachievable. I’ve said it, there! You may find this to be a relief, or perhaps it has elicited a different response. Dr. Kevin Leman’s book “The Birth Order Book” taught me that many people, especially firstborns and only children, carry around an invisible yardstick that they strictly apply to their jobs and daily lives, whether they should or shouldn’t. They naturally possess it, so if this describes you, don’t be shocked. I know this to be true because I am a firstborn. I used to constantly criticize my own performances and, regrettably, sometimes saw more flaw than merit in other people’s efforts. I was able to recognize how harmful my pursuit of perfection was and made the decision to change for both my personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of others once I learned and understood that it was impossible to achieve perfection.

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