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Fitsum asfaw and tsega’s love story

Fistum Asfaw is the creator of “Yemaleda Kokeboch,” the show we’re discussing. He began his career as a journalist with a creative mind. He only worked for Radio Fana for a few years, yet he was able to establish famous radio shows that lasted for many years. He worked as a communication professional with international organizations such as UNICEF, PSI Ethiopia, and the John Hopkins University Center for Communication. He holds a BA in Literature and an MA in Folklore. He is only in his early 30s, but he has made significant contributions to the worlds of art, journalism, and communication. After working as a journalist and communication expert, the exceptional artist realized what he wanted to achieve with his life. His debut picture, “Balekelem Hilmoch,” is well-known and opens the door to the world of cinema for him. He authored and directed Amharic films such as Balekem Hilmoch Parts I and II, Selayochu, and, most recently, Bechis Tedebke, which have become the talk of the town. E.A. is a contributor. Fitsum Asfaw is a well-known Ethiopian craftsman and maker, as well as the host of the Qin Liboch Television show Fitsum Asfaw. Qin Leboch is an unscripted television show developed by Tsega Fikru, an eminent film author and principal producer of the Yemaleda kokeboch acting rivalry TV show Fitsum Asfaw. On Sunday, August 30th at the Encounters International Documentary Film Festival, the Ladima Foundation unveiled the 2020 iteration of the Adiaha Award for Best Documentary from an African Woman.

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