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Five unheard facts about the beautiful artist Ruta Mengistab

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A few realities about Ethiopian entertainer Ruta Mengistab. The Cinema of Ethiopia and the entertainment world, when all is said in done, is a moderately ongoing wonder in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian entertainment world is developing, however, deals with numerous issues that have kept it from completely flourishing. Historically live stage theater appreciated greater ubiquity in Ethiopia, making a small bunch of moderately fruitful stage entertainers. Addis International Film Festival – This celebration is held yearly in Addis Ababa, and looks to give a stage to both beginner and expert movie producers.

Ethiopian International Film Festival – every year held in Addis Ababa during which numerous Ethiopian producers get to exhibit their work and grants are given to the best movies as cast a ballot by the appointed authorities. This celebration began in 2005. Gumma Film Awards – The most known and lofty Award in the Ethiopian Film Industry. Held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia yearly, this honor show began in 2014 and is the main film grant show to be communicated live on TV in Ethiopia. Blue Nile Film and Television Academy Yofthahe Nigussie School of Theatrical Arts

Addis Ababa University Visual and Performing Arts.

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