Flaxseed and cloves for fast hair growth and softness

Although flaxseed has been used for millennia in nutrition and complementary medicine, it has recently gained popularity for another use: your hair. There is a theory that eating more ground flaxseed regularly or applying flaxseed topically as an oil can make your hair stronger for improved growth and manageability. Due to the mix of vital macro- and micronutrients included in flaxseed, which is recognized for its golden-brown hue, it is regarded as a nutritional powerhouse. These consist of fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. Whole flaxseed is not easily absorbed by the body despite its benefits. For this reason, it is either cold-pressed to obtain the oil for cooking and flavoring particular meals, or it is powdered into powder form for consumption. The advantages of flaxseed for healthy hair can be obtained in a variety of ways. However, when using flaxseed directly to your hair, you should use the oil rather than just adding the whole or broken seeds. Pour a tiny amount of the oil into your hands and massage it into your hair to use flaxseed as a hair mask. After up to 15 minutes, rinse well and shampoo as usual. Your curls look lifeless, brittle, and dry when there is a moisture loss. The deep conditioning properties of clove oil give your coarse hair strands the shine they sorely want. This hot oil helps reduce frizz and split ends while limiting the possibility of hair damage. Applying clove oil to the hair shaft makes sure that it feels manageable and silky. Choose an overnight anti-frizz treatment for the greatest effects by massaging your scalp and hair with a warm coconut oil and clove oil mixture before going to bed. The following morning, use shampoo and lukewarm water to remove the oils.

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