“Food for rat” shatema edir short comedy

Laughter, it turns out, has psychological advantages; it causes the production of feel-good hormones like serotonin, which make people feel content and joyful. Even though it’s not a drug, laughter has many of positive psychological and physiological effects. You will also need to intentionally keep a wonderful sense of humor because adult life might be challenging if you want to enhance your emotional wellbeing and discover happiness. Your physical stress and tension are reduced when you smile and laugh. Additionally, for at least 45 minutes, your muscles will remain relaxed. Laughter also strengthens your immune system by boosting immunity cells and antibodies while reducing stress hormones. As a result, your body will become more adept in warding off diseases. Endorphins, the feel-good hormones, are released when you laugh, which enhances wellness and momentarily lessens pain. Then give laughter-inducing activities a high priority; in this case, it includes watching comedies. Laughter has been connected by experts to healthy blood vessels and normal blood flow. Therefore, increasing your frequency of laughter can reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Laughter may help you control your temper if you have a fiery disposition. In actuality, a group chuckle can calm you down more quickly than you anticipated. So, as you remain secure at home, try to see the funny side of things. You’ll be able to change from being angry to being happy thanks to this. In addition, some researchers believe that laughing can lengthen your life. One Norwegian study found that people who laughed more often lived longer than others who didn’t laugh as often.

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