Food that are harmful for your teeth….4 methods to whiten your teeth

They say that you become what you eat. And there is no better place to see that than in your mouth. This is because a variety of foods and drinks can contribute to plaque buildup, which has detrimental effects on your teeth’s health. Plaque, a sticky film made up of bacteria, aids in tooth decay and gum disease. After you eat a sugary snack or meal, the sugars cause the bacteria to release acids that attack tooth enamel. Cavities can form when the enamel deteriorates. Cavities can result in pain, difficulty chewing, and tooth abscesses. And your plaque will harden into tartar if you don’t brush or floss your teeth. Gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease, can be brought on by tartar above the gum line. It is common knowledge that candy is bad for your oral health. However, sour candy has a higher concentration of various acids that are harder on your teeth. Additionally, they are more likely to cause decay because they stick to your teeth for a longer period of time due to their chewy nature. If you want something sweet, try a square of chocolate, which you can wash away quickly and easily. As you proceed down the bread aisle of the supermarket, pause. Saliva converts the starches in bread you chew into sugar. The bread sticks to the spaces between teeth when it transforms into a gooey paste in your mouth. So, that might result in cavities. When you need some carbohydrates, choose less processed options like whole wheat. These are harder to break down and have fewer added sugars. Many people may be aware that drinking alcohol isn’t particularly healthy. Saliva washes away food residue and keeps food from sticking to your teeth. Even the early stages of gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral infections can be repaired with it. Drink a lot of water, use fluoride rinses, and oral hydration products to keep your mouth hydrated.

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