Foods for beautiful and curvy body

To have a curvaceous physique, you must first lose belly fat, which will make your waist appear thinner and your hips appear wider. The greatest strategy to lose belly fat is to monitor your nutrition and burn more calories than you consume. Your stomach and lower back muscles can be toned with the use of abdominal exercises. Lean back on a mat. Maintain a straight spine and a tight core. Put your elbows in line with your ears and your hands behind your head. In a tabletop position, raise your legs (knees bent over hips, shins parallel to the floor). Place the mat firmly under your lower back. This is where everything begin. Stretch out your right leg. Try to bring your right elbow to be as close to your left knee as you can as you crunch up and turn your body to the left. Keep your back elbow off the floor while twisting your ribcage.
Maintaining your crunch, bend your right knee back into the tabletop. Extend your left leg and simultaneously turn your torso to the right, bringing your left elbow up to your right knee. Thus, one iteration is finished. Lean back on a mat. Keep your feet level on the mat while bending your knees. Face the mat with the palms of your hands placed by your sides. Use your abs to lift your neck now, and look up at the tops of your knees. This is where everything begin. Crunch to the right, keeping your hands straight, and aim to touch your right heel with your right hand. Crunch to the left and place your left hand on your left heel. Thus, one iteration is finished.

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