Foods you should eat to stay healthy and fit

You could not have enough fuel in the tank if you don’t eat enough before working out. Furthermore, you might burn fewer calories. Eat some nutritious carbohydrates at least one hour before working out. Consider a bagel or some whole wheat toast, or a bowl of cereal made with whole grains, skim milk, and diced fruit. Butter and cream cheese both contain saturated fat. Have little time before going to the gym? For rapid, natural energy, eat an apple or a banana five to ten minutes before your workout. These carbohydrates are quickly digested by your body and converted into the energy you require for exercise. Fruit is also a great source of beneficial nutrients. Have a quick snack approximately an hour prior to your workout if you work out later in the day. A decent choice is a sports bar with 200 calories or less. Choose a bar with a minimal amount of fiber—ideally 3 grams or less. You may feel bloated if you eat too much fiber before working exercise. Look for sugar alcohols like sorbitol, xylitol, isomalt, and mannitol in the ingredients list. These chemicals can cause cramps or diarrhea if used in excess.

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