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Fooziya Awol With Fegegita React

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Meeting with Fooziya Awol on Fegegita React. As per a few pundits, Zeray’s termination from Sidama is planned and its objective to sign in new faces and assume a part in the cash trading theater for the sake of reinforcing the side for the conclusive second round. “It is more about payoffs in marking new faces than fortifying Sidama” One pundit recommended.

Changing Sidama into one of the soccer powers of the Southern Region in the few seasons didn’t assist Zeray with procuring him some regard from the club for they inelegantly showed him out even before the finish of the first round.

Regardless of the club’s inability to keep any semblance of target man Addis Geday, the authorities reprimanded him for the flow season’s terrible structure along these lines showing him out for Gebremedin who is infamous for remaining close to a solitary season with a specific club.

As indicated by Sidama insiders, the club authorities denied Zeray to sign new players to build up his crew however ended up being more than able to offer Gebremedin a free hand to hint at new players. “Nigerian Okiki Afolabi makes certain to be the first to follow him,” commented one pundit.

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