For my first movie I was paid 500 birr

It can feel quite chaotic and uncontrollable when we can’t handle the curveballs life throws at us. We occasionally think that we are incapable of handling these setbacks. The good news is that you can do it! Anyone may strengthen their mind and emotions. All you have to do is focus on boosting your self-assurance and fortitude while learning how to overcome the negative things that will inevitably happen to you. Though the path takes time, you will quickly see a change in how you respond to obstacles. Being resilient that is, emotionally and mentally strong means handling hardships like stress, trauma, difficulty, or tragedy with grace. Being resilient is a process that can be acquired; it is not something you are born with. Emotionally robustness does not imply the absence of pain or suffering; in fact, resilience to withstand intense anguish is frequently acquired via such experiences. It simply means that you get experience rebuilding or learning how to “bounce back” from setbacks. Focusing on honing certain skills, such planning and executing plans, gaining self-assurance and a good self-image, controlling strong emotions and impulses, and effectively communicating and problem-solving, will help you become more resilient.

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