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Hirut Bekele (or Hirut Beqele) was a prominent, beloved, and well-known Ethiopian singer in the 1970s. Her music is still quite popular, and she is frequently cited as an influence on young musicians. Her personality, as well as her distinctive singing, distinguishes her as a true diva in Ethiopian music history. Hirut’s wonderful voice intertwines with a ghostly organ on some of her tracks, making her a magnificent vocalist. She creates psychotropic room-filling sonics captured by the rough recording, with stunning compositions accompanied by virtuosic orchestrations via krar and organ. Not everyone has a large circle of friends; in fact, some people only have a few close pals, if any at all. In actuality, that’s all you’ll ever require. You’re signing up to deal with more bullshit the greater your “tight” social circle is. This isn’t to say you can’t have a lot of nice friends in different social circles who don’t know each other. However, gossip and picking favorites are common in large gatherings.

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