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Frash Adash 15 By Tesfahun Kebede

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Expressions Tv presents – Frash Adash Part 15 – “I feel frustrated about the fulfilled as opposed to the hungry”. “Our point is to go past the typical discernments we have of one another,” remarks Birgitte Markussen, Ambassador of the EU to the African Union, “It’s tied in with advancing what we share practically speaking and what we share. There isn’t anything more impressive than uniting individuals to accomplish this, and I need to praise the craftsmen coming from various nations for their astounding work and collaboration”

The paintings are found on three dividers under Pushkin Roundabout, Roosevelt St, and on the place of business of the Delegation of EU to the AU. The creative venture was dispatched in March 2021 with an open call for road specialists from the two landmasses to apply for support. From April 29 – May 08, craftsmen from Africa and Europe have been painting on dividers at the Sarbet underpass and the Delegation of EU to the African Union’s office premises. Chosen through a broadly coursed open call, road craftsmen Mohammed Awudu from Ghana, Edoardo Trionfera from Italy, Maria Peña Coto from Spain, and Wesley Van Eeden from South Africa, helped by 8 neighborhood specialists, have met up to make delightful increments to Addis Ababa’s landscape.

Other than the making of the fine arts, this drive has likewise been a period of ability move and preparing. The 8 neighborhood specialists who filled in as help have had the chance to gain from the absolute best. The paintings address shared upsides of the two landmasses; solidarity, harmony, and common regard. They are substantial appearances of the flourishing Africa-EU Partnership, representing the helpful rules that tight spot the two Unions, in a positive and idealistic standpoint of a typical future.

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