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Frash Adash Tesfahun Kebede Part 14

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Political race and its assembly. Frash Adash Tesfahun Kebede Partb 14. With respect to powers, clarified Dina, they can take part in the activity whenever welcomed by the Ethiopian government.

“As a sovereign country, we can welcome Somalia, Sudan, or Eritrea,” said Dina, “be that as it may, what we are saying is there has not been any solicitation from Ethiopia for military help.”

The assertion delivered by the Office of the Prime Minister on Wednesday underscored that the purposeful and egregious assault on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, which fiercely killed a definitive watchman of the Constitution, is the wrong doing of high conspiracy under the rules that everyone must follow.

The assertion further demonstrated that no individual or element, broadly or globally, is over the traditions that must be adhered to, and the public authority of Ethiopia understands its obligations of maintaining the law and ensuring the country.

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