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Frewine’s strong speech

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Lobbyist Frewine’s sufficient reaction. The two examined the monetary change program of Ethiopia and reinforcing highway relations in the Horn of Africa.

The Minister focused on the significance of additional reinforcing financial collaboration in the district, which will bring about more exhaustive political, social, and security ties. This, he said, will profit all part states and result in more local harmony and security, as indicated by the Ministry of Finance.

Dr. Workneh as far as concerns him explained on the significance of building the institutional limit of IGAD to executes its projects and communicated his obligation to keep working intimately with Ethiopia for the development and security of the Horn of Africa.

In a connected turn of events, Ethiopia and Djibouti likewise consented to fortify their collaboration in the telecom area. The two nations arrived at the arrangement following the new visit of an Ethiopian appointment drove by Ahmed Shide to Djibouti.

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