From civil engineer to becoming chef

Many people view cooking as nothing more than a duty from which they gain absolutely no pleasure. I wish it weren’t like that, which is why I’m posting this essay with the hope of inspiring and (if I may use such a strong word) inspiring people to start cooking and truly attempt to enjoy it. I posed the following question to get some help with this piece: What is it about cooking that you really love most and how would you encourage folks to get more into cooking for those who enjoy cooking but are not professional chefs? All feedback is welcomed. Your feedback will be included in a piece that encourages readers to experiment with cooking and new recipes for fun. Despite not being a trained chef, I adore cooking. I enjoy cooking because it allows me to be creative. It permits experimenting with various spices, foods, and methods. You also have the chance to study various cultures and cuisines, which can be fascinating. You feel satisfied when you prepare your own food since you know that you can take care of yourself and create something delicious at the same time. I genuinely think that anyone can cook, and it can even be enjoyable! Being able to glance in your pantry and make something from what you have on hand is just tremendously rewarding, especially in the times we currently live in.

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