From Kebena streets to becoming a sells person

Never hesitate to disintegrate. It offers you the chance to reinvent yourself into the person you would have liked to have been all along. A person who never stumbles in life is extremely lucky and quite uncommon. Many of us grow accustomed to the mundane, unchanging nature of life. But the few times we encounter those enormous, dramatic hurdles, such as health issues, financial difficulties, or the loss of a loved one, are what really test us psychologically, emotionally, and physically. These circumstances might make us feel gloomy, despondent, stuck, and as though we’ve just reached our lowest point. But don’t worry; we can recover and joy once more as a happier, brighter person. When we are depressed, we frequently feel the impulse to “distract ourselves” or “get on with things,” but what we actually need is to let our feelings to move through us in order to process them efficiently. Knowing what we are feeling whether it’s rage, irritation, grief, or disappointment helps us let those feelings go. When we let them go, we have a deeper understanding of who we are and are better able to handle similar circumstances in the future. Reflection is the art of all change, in fact. It will help you relax and make better decisions if you take the time to reflect on the situation and what it means to you, how it has affected you, and, if relevant, how you could have handled it better.

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