From life of night clubs to becoming spiritual

You surely aren’t alone if it no longer feels genuine to define yourself by any formal faith. This is quite fine, although you can still feel drawn to a spiritual practise. If you don’t identify as a Christian, visit a temple, or read a particular religious literature, it is quite feasible to have a thriving personal spiritual practise. Being spiritual but not religious essentially entails abstaining from organised religion while continuing some form of spiritual practise. This is a broad term because it differs slightly for every individual. People who enjoy reading may define spirituality without religion as learning about the spiritual through diverse religious writings. A belief in God is not necessary for spirituality. In addition, spirituality might include a believe in God, who is not required to follow the rules of any established religion. People who identify as spiritual define God for and by themselves. Some spiritual individuals could have mixed feelings about God; perhaps after learning about a punishing God through organised religion, they have started to doubt God’s existence. Even in this ambivalent state, spirituality is still possible. Undoubtedly, one need not believe in God. People who are unsure of their views or who don’t believe in God at all can nevertheless engage in a variety of spiritual activities, such as connecting with their bodies and environment.

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