Funny memory from Agafari series drama

Be sure to appreciate everything. We are constantly searching for reasons not to like anything, for all the reasons this person or circumstance is wrong. What if we could accept everything about this now, including every person and activity, exactly as it is? Recognize the delight and beauty that each moment holds? See everyone for their amazing heart? We can put this into practice both at work and on our days off. Release your energy. Like untapped energy, stress, annoyance, and worry may accumulate within of us. I’ve discovered that it helps to engage in activities that expend this energy, such as going on brisk walks or rapid runs, swimming, or doing housework. I can be completely free of the energy I’ve been holding onto and truly be present for the world because this uses it up. Let yourselves have fun! While taking a break can involve doing nothing and slowing down, it can also involve happiness, play, adventure, dancing, and laughing. We don’t always allow ourselves to have these incredible experiences, so why not give ourselves complete permission? You can find delight and an uplifting experience in almost any task by turning it into a game. I have to say, I find some of these things challenging. Not every day of my month off was happy. I had difficulties. However, I did practice using all of the aforementioned, and it was

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