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It’s crucial to avoid viewing your difficulty handling hardship or adversity as some sort of character flaw if you tend to be more sensitive to emotional distress. It takes work to develop and maintain resilience throughout time; it is neither a fixed attribute or a sign of manliness.
It’s doubtful that you’ve needed or had the chance to develop resilience unless you’ve dealt with adversity in your life before. You can overcome the difficulties you’re currently encountering by drawing on earlier experiences. Even if you’ve had trouble handling hardship in the past, you might at least be able to name a few coping mechanisms that don’t work, such abusing drink or drugs to dull your emotions. Although it can be challenging to see any positive outcomes from traumatic experiences, developing resilience can help you look for any advantages in the challenges you’ve encountered. Surviving adversity can help you learn valuable lessons about yourself and the world around you, can fortify your determination, can increase your empathy, and can eventually help you develop and grow as a person. Regardless of your age, history, or current situation, you may learn and hone these resilience-enhancing skills at any moment. The following advice can assist you in handling difficulties more assuredly, surviving these turbulent times, and making it through to the happier, more hopeful days that lie ahead. Although everyone responds to stressful situations differently, many people attempt to defend themselves by rejecting the reality of what is happening. You can fool yourself into thinking that you still have some degree of control over what are generally unpredictable situations by pretending that you’re not even going through a crisis.

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