Gena celebration with Ethiopian artists

Orthodox Christians celebrate the Genna Festival every year from January 5 to January 8 following a 40-day fast. People gather in churches for a 3 hour long mass of prayer on the eve of Christmas, or “Genna” as Ethiopians call it. Since the fourth century, when Ethiopia (Habesha, Abyssinia) accepted Christianity as the official religion of the country, the clergy, priests, bishop, and people have lifted their voices in hymns and chant. All classes of people will disperse to their homes after the mass prayers and the fast is broken. There will be plenty of food and drink at these times. Family members will get the chance to interact and exchange life and experience. In Lalibela, this festival is more customary. Ganna (or Genna) is the name given to Ethiopia’s version of Christmas, which is observed on January 7. Visitors to Ethiopia can learn about the religious customs and culture of the African country during this significant national holiday. Twelve days before the Timkat festival, another significant holiday, is Ganna. With the ability to stay in Ethiopia for up to 90 days thanks to an Ethiopian eVisa, tourists can attend both events in one trip. The information provided below explains how Christmas is celebrated in Ethiopia as well as the top tourist destinations. Christmas is observed on January 7th in Ethiopia, as it is in many Orthodox churches around the world. Ganna is on the 29th day of the month of Tahsas because the months on the Ethiopian calendar are different. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebrates major religious events in Ethiopia on January 7 because it believes that day to be the birthdate of Jesus.

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