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General Mohammed’s statement on TPLF’s current state

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Articulation by General Mohammed Tesema on current undertakings and about TPLF. Furthermore, in contemporary global relations, a significant advancement is identified with the part of nonstate entertainers. Today we see countless non-government associations, global media, supposed common liberties.

Associations, vocal scientists, activists who realize no limits to propel their qualities in helpless nations. Regardless, unsupported by any intelligent thinking, the disintegration of the fundamental ideas of power and strategic distance is occurring in a phenomenal style.

The West’s lead of unfamiliar relations is brimming with false reverence and twofold principles, under the appearance of a dark public premium that is contradictory to their “essential” interest and “want” for a drawn out organization.

Generally, the West’s bushel of public premium included maintainable energy supply, containing communism, tending to psychological oppression, consequences on Arab-Israel relations, extension of business sectors and getting crude materials for their ventures, and so on however not identified with unwitty sabotaging of sacredness of solid.


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