Get baby like skin with a magnet face mask

Searching the internet for new, unusual, or simply bizarre cosmetic trends is one of my favorite past times, so when I stumbled across magnetic face masks, I was immediately intrigued. At this point, I’ve seen just much every face mask, including the icky placenta masks and butt masks. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the beauty industry is rife with gimmicks. I made the decision to experiment with these mystical iron particles to see if this would be one of them. The science is simple but fascinating: These masks rely on the microcurrent generated by the iron particles when the magnetic tool is hovered over top to provide the clarifying effect. Debris within the pore follows the gentle “pull” to deep clean and enhances the penetration of treatments used afterwards. My skin is extremely sensitive, mixed, and prone to acne, plus it had a bad case of maskne, so it was more than ready to put the mask’s benefits of reducing inflammation and clearing the pores to the test. Impurities and extra oil were removed by my preferred magnetic face mask, leaving behind skin that was smooth, radiant, and youthful-looking. Because it uses Dead Sea mud, it also contains 24 different types of minerals that preserve the skin. I was initially so eager to attempt this that I forgot the no-water rule (you’re not meant to use water to clean off the magnet), leaving me with an extremely supercharged mess. Additionally, since this mask is formed of iron particles, rust would result from the mix of iron and water in my sink, which was not ideal.

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