Get rid of dark circles and wrinkles under the eye

We’re all going to age sooner or later, and that includes developing under-eye bags and dark circles, even if you’ve spent your entire life diligently taking the best care of your skin you can. No matter what type of skin you have or what healthy habits you practice, veins will eventually start to show through the thin skin around your eyes because skin naturally loses collagen and becomes thinner over time. As we already know, exposure to the sun hastens the breakdown of collagen, so your best defense against under-eye circles is a routine of consistent and disciplined sunblock use beginning at a young age. But even the best habits can’t alter your genetic makeup! The main factor influencing our skin type and how we will look as we age is genetics. Because our blood pools in the capillaries under our eyes, it is simply more noticeable through lighter skin, those of us with fair or thin skin tend to show under circles more readily than others. Unfortunately, as blood builds up there, your delicate capillaries start to stretch and strain under the weight, which causes more blood to leak out and pool, which ultimately results in even darker under-eye circles. However, for some people, aging, sun exposure, or genetics aren’t to blame for their dark under eye circles and under eye bags. Sometimes it’s just a simple allergy issue. Histamines, which cause an inflammatory response, are released in response to year-round allergies like those to dust or mold or seasonal allergies, which many of us experience in the spring. That implies that our blood vessels, including those under our eyes, swell and become inflamed.

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