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Getachew Reda speaks about Mekele

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Amhara Special Forces requested to stand watch in Wolkait and Raya, and The press articulation given by the workplace of the leader of Ethiopia. The public authority said the standard of the fear based oppressor TPLF Junta which created a critical circumstance to the country for thirty years has been ousted through mainstream battle and forfeits paid by Ethiopians the country over. In an explanation, the public authority said the fear based oppressor TPLF Junta neglected to acknowledge the rehashed calls from the reformist central government for pardoning and executed constant outrages, lastly battled against the country.

As indicated by the assertion, the fear monger bunch dismissed calls from strict pioneers and older folks for compromise and harmony. The public authority didn’t abandon attempting numerous components to determine the issue calmly, it says. Nothing prevented the TPLF bunch from overseeing the Tigray district notwithstanding its proceeded with propagation of public brutality in all pieces of the country, the assertion says.

The psychological oppressor bunch had confused resilience of the central government with shortcoming and submitted a merciless assault on the northern order of the National Defense in November 2020 putting the power of the country in danger. Also, the Junta submitted coldhearted demonstrations against the soldiers of the public armed force including female officers, and plundered combat hardware and different properties from the public protection power.

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