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Getachew Reda speaks again

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He said the significant goal of activity that was done by the public authority in the locale was expected to kill the Junta, recover weapons and set the public armed force liberated from the Junta in the area for military readiness in different fronts over security dangers presented by different external powers. Head demonstrated that the local area in the Tigray district went against the withdrawal of the combat hardware from the locale in this manner upheld the Junta to venture up arrangements for the unfairness it did against the military.

“We have achieved withdrawal of the weapons and other military property from the area through the new activity. We have now in a decent situation to plan to shield the power of the country from any external dangers.” he said. The government has contributed in excess of 100 Billion Birr to revamp and fix foundations harmed by the TPLF Junta and address compassionate necessities in the area, he clarified. “is 12 and multiple times overlay contrasted with the spending plan allotted by the government for each past monetary year” he noted. Government fixed streets, electric and correspondence foundations, and social organizations in the area, he added.

With respect to of the TPLF Junta, the Prime Minister said Humanitarian laborers were killed and media transmission and establishments faculty confronted situations from the general public in the locale. “Nobody energized the public authority for its compassionate and remaking endeavors. The lone thing the public authority got has been low allegations from individuals in the area and outside powers.”

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