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Getachew Reda’s interview on VOA

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Following the new assault of the TPLF on the adjoining Amhara provincial state, different states have been sending extraordinary powers to deflect the fear-monger bunch from executing animosity. The Oromia, Sidama, and Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples locales have sent individuals from their extraordinary powers, it was learned.

During the shipping off function held in Oromia, Chief Administrator of the district, Shimeles Abdissa approached all Ethiopians to battle against the fear monger bunch which is the adversary of all. He further expressed Ethiopians will keep battling against those powers that are striving to restore the dead TPLF and the main foe of Ethiopia. “We will make the fundamental penances to end the presence of this criminal gathering for the last time,” the central manager promised.

Sidama Region Chief Administrator, Desta Ledamo said on his part “we are resolved to converse and oppose the endeavors of the fearmonger TPLF and its allies.” He focused on the need to cooperate and reinforce the solidarity of individuals to tackle the current issue in the northern piece of the country. Albeit the central government proclaimed a one-sided truce to address the significant worries of the worldwide local area for discontinuance of aggression and unrestricted admittance to the district, TPLF has kept dismissing the truce and taking part in provocative demonstrations.

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