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Getachew Reda’s Letter

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Here is my anxiety. I’m at this point bewildered by the different organizations, affiliations, individuals, destinations… .the way they express their fulfillment in explicit to the Siye’s conveyance when stood out from other Ethiopian prisoners post-release or pre-release from prison. The organization is made out of solitary individuals who are considered as including so to talk its people (notwithstanding the way that Jeremy Benthoam calls it fanciful body), as Siye Abraha is a person from one of the Ethiopian social class as an (Ethiopian from Tigray), so do various prisoners like Abera Yemaneab (Ethiopian from Eritrea), Fitawrari Mekonnen Dori (Ethiopian from Gambela/South? Absolution me for my exactness of his start), Abera Berta, Tsegaye Gebre Medhin, Yisehak Debre Tsion (Ethiopian from Eritrea/North), Belete Amaha, Mohammed Amede, Adem Kamil, Zewditu Deressa (Ethiopian Oromo), various prisoners in an underground prison and in Mekele Central prison caught for a few, various years without seeing no court or pulling their cases as Siye’s condition was made to be pulled relentlessly. Prisoners of still, little voice overcomers of TPLF/EPRDF’s abuse are by thousands, that included editorialists, political activists, teachers, workers, laborers, from all economic wellbeing are in confinement in TPLF/EPRDF’s prison penitentiaries still there.

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