“Getting down after eating is hard…”Tesfahun Kebede

When you had a query fifty years ago, you would have gone to your coworker’s desk or made a call to the second floor. Nowadays, sending emails, instant messages, or texts to colleagues whether they’re across the office or on the other side of the globe is the norm. Writing skills are now essential to being taken seriously because of the change in basic communication. Strong business writing is necessary for every position in business. To hone your abilities, enrol in the business writing course. More and more workers are “working with strangers and talking with them primarily through email. Your written communication must be succinct and clear regardless of the medium it uses. Misunderstandings can result in expensive errors. Set aside simply 10 or 15 minutes each day to write freely since practise makes perfect. Free writing is a beneficial everyday practise that enables you to express your ideas without thinking about outlining or editing them. Consider it a journal with daily entries that are all about personal development or a topic in which you hope to become an authority. Once each day’s work is complete, you can use a programme like Grammarly to assist you identify errors and remember them for the following day.

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