Gigi Kiya met her granddaughter Filo for the first time

As you touch this tiny life, you can recall how long ago your own child was. This small face makes you feel the years of love and struggles wash over you. When the little eyes meet yours, you notice something brand-new but also incredibly familiar. Seeing, holding, and observing this small being that is both a part of you and apart from you is an overwhelming experience. This brand-new, tiny life is yours, yet it is not your responsibility. This child is intended for your pure delight and adoration, with someone else doing the labor. It’s a lovely thing. Today, my eldest uploaded images of my newborn grandson. Last month, my first grandchild turned twelve. I recognize my grandchild’s father as well as her mother at that age. I recognize the chin and forehead of a face that isn’t mine or my daughter’s, but rather a blend of several. There, where she is both wholly her own and eerily similar, I see new goals, dreams, and ideas of her own reflected. Having children is like having your heart outside of your body, according to a popular proverb. I believe that having grandchildren also saps you of some of your spirit.

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