Gigi met with her family…and her message

One of the most significant aspects of our lives is our families. Researchers have shown that families are extremely important to people’s prosperity in all of the societies they have investigated. In many respects, a family’s impact on young children can endure a lifetime. A healthy society is constructed from healthy families. The human species is a sociable animal. We have an innate need to interact with people and to flourish in committed partnerships. Parent-child relationships are a child’s initial relationships. A child’s early relationships with their parents help define how they see themselves and the world. Children who have healthy parent-child interactions feel secure. The child’s capacity to establish and maintain relationships as an adult will be influenced by the nature of these close ties. A child is more likely to successfully navigate and develop lasting connections in the future if this bond is solid. Early experiences shape a child’s behaviour, learning, and health in a way that either strengthens or weakens those foundations. Younger children’s early experiences are heavily influenced by family life, and their parents serve as both their first teachers and role models.

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