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Gizachew Muluneh speaks about Dr. Mulu Nega’s comment

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The discretionary relations have been basically old, to be actually 117 years, and a year ago was one of the difficult years because of President Trump’s greeting for the three nations to haggle on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

That didn’t work out the manner in which we as a whole needed it. It was not fair-minded; an unsatisfactory proposition was coming from Egypt that was additionally upheld by the then U.S. Organization. We as a whole invited Washington as an onlooker, however, the Treasury Department continued impacting Egypt.

Aside from this episode, our connection has been in acceptable standing. Presently, the relations are improving. The new organization is simply coming to fruition. They have not delegated a few individuals from the organization.

We have begun reaching the pertinent foundations and we are hopeful that things will improve. Undeniable level contacts have been made. We’ll be striving to improve our relations. We are hopeful that the help suspended based on Ethiopia’s Dam will be delivered and furthermore exchange and venture between the two nations will increment.

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