God created human beings not race….we need to wake up

Even though breaking free from something usually involves doing something physical, you must learn to free yourself from the mental prison you are currently in. Ever felt trapped or incarcerated? Maybe you were in a situation where you felt helpless or depressed. If you have gone through those feelings, you were imprisoned in your mind. When you are in a negative frame of mind, your life or circumstances become the center of your attention. It might make you feel confined. It occurs when you struggle to think of new, empowering ideas and find it difficult to comprehend a different reality. You experience the sense that you are a victim and that everyone is out to get you when you are in a mental prison. Because of your beliefs, you feel constrained and unable to see a different reality for yourself. It might appear to be a life sentence. You’re in a bad pattern when you’re in a mental prison. You experience a cycle of self-doubt, self-hatred, and fear that prevents you from acting differently. A mental prison can develop due to internal factors and ingrained thought patterns, such as your programming, thoughts, and emotions, or it can develop due to external factors like your environment, education, or culture. You must get past self-doubt, self-criticism, and a victim mentality in order to escape the internal prison you are in. If you are unaware that you are in prison, you cannot escape. Recognize that the way you currently conduct yourself is not producing the desired outcomes. Examine the stories you tell yourself about your identity and abilities. Determine any possible causes for your current situation. You can only do what you believe about yourself if you make your life all about you.

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