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God had his own timing

There’s no denying that certain people appear in your life at precisely the right time to meet your needs, wants, or desires – it’s sometimes a coincidence, and most of the time fate, but whatever it is, it came to make me smile. God’s will is what it means to love Him. It is to wait calmly for our lives to be judged by One who knows us completely. It’s to be content with God’s time and wise placement. Many children will experience many firsts when they begin child care or school for the first time: their first day, their first teacher, their first best friend, and for some, their first rounds of common childhood illnesses. During the first few years of life, children are more likely to become ill as their bodies develop immunity to pathogens. While it’s impossible to prevent your child from ever becoming unwell, the recommendations below can help you avoid some nasty bugs and manage any illnesses that do come home from school. Germs can quickly spread in child care centers and schools because children play in close quarters. When a sick child coughs or sneezes, infections can spread through the air, or by direct contact when a sick child touches infected portions of their body and then touches toys or other children, who may then touch their mouth, nose, or eyes. Children are encouraged to practice excellent hygiene by keeping their hands clean and the items they play with clean at day care centers and schools. They also keep sick children away from other children and do not allow sick children to attend. A slight cold or infection will affect almost every child at some point during their youth. If a sick child attends child care or school while contagious, they may spread their disease to other children or adults. This is why it’s crucial to keep your ill child at home or away from child care or school, and to be aware of early signs and symptoms.

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