God has a reason when we meet people

Good mothers pay attention. Focus on the present and take pleasure in it. Take note of your surroundings. Good mothers foster self-awareness. Encourage your youngster to express their emotions. Recognise how your child’s emotions affect their behaviour. Kids that have great mothers establish good behaviours. Good habits emerge from repetition and frequency. Anything we consistently feel, do, or believe can become a habit. Good mothers refrain from rewarding behaviour they don’t want to see repeated. Don’t tell your youngster one thing and then do another. To encourage others to follow your example, be consistent. Good mothers notice when their children are doing well and praise them. Children thrive when they receive quick affirmation. Be proactive in keeping an eye out for positive behaviour and rewarding it. Love-filled mums discipline well. Not to chastise or embarrass your child, but to teach them is the objective. Instead of impulsively responding, respond intelligently. Consistency in both verbal and nonverbal communication is a trait of great mothers. Children notice what you do and listen to what you say. Pay great attention to both your words and your delivery. We mothers sometimes equate parenthood with perfectionism in today’s society.

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