God has blessed me with children

This kind of blessing is a direct result of God’s plan for humanity. Love, verbal praise, and special encouragement from a parent to their children can all be included in blessings.
Perhaps the Old Testament or other parts of the Bible have references to it. And you may be saying to yourself, “That seems irrelevant or like something I don’t care about anymore.” If so, you’re not the only one. Despite having ancient origins, blessings continue to play a very important function in our world and even in your life. A father’s blessing today mirrors the initial blessing that God the Father gave to humanity. And I will bless you and establish your name as a mighty country, making you a blessing in your own right. All the families of the earth will experience blessings through you, and I will curse anyone dishonors you. But this isn’t the only instance in the Bible. The blessings that fathers and sons give and receive throughout the Old Testament reflect God’s blessing on humanity.

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