God has repaid me with my marriage

In my therapy practice and through my podcast, which happens to be called Mentally Strong People, I’ve met a lot of mentally strong people over the years. I’ve learned a lot about mental toughness from talking to people who are skilled at controlling their emotions, refocusing their negative thoughts, and acting positively. I’ve discovered the bad habits that tend to sap people’s mental strength as well as the mental strength exercises that are most beneficial to people. I’ve also learned that everyone has the capacity to develop their mental fortitude. And while the amount of effort an individual puts into developing their mental muscle determines how big that muscle will be, some people are born with an advantage or two. What makes some people mentally stronger than others is as follows. Similar to physical strength, some people have genetic advantages from birth while others have illnesses or other problems that may work against them. Your life experiences, particularly those from childhood, have a significant impact on your mental toughness. The size of your mental muscles, however, is not really determined by the experiences themselves. What counts is how you handle those situations. Imagine a difficult childhood for your siblings. One may experience self-esteem issues as they age because they feel their struggles have left them scarred and brittle. The other might develop self-assurance because they think they can overcome anything if they can get through a difficult childhood. Some people are fortunate enough to have personalities that draw wholesome, favorable attention. And this can result in wonderful chances, a positive outlook on life, and wholesome connections. Others lack the charisma and endearing qualities that have won them awards. As your interactions with other people have an impact on your capacity to develop mental muscle, those things might make it slightly more challenging to develop mental strength.

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