God is always with us…our kids surprised us for 60 years wedding anniversary

Because anniversaries pass by so fast, it might be challenging to make your current anniversary more significant than the last. Some wedding anniversaries may even be forgotten when you think back on them. You don’t need elaborate arrangements for the event to be memorable. No matter what year you’re commemorating, these inventive, enjoyable, and unforgettable anniversary celebration suggestions will help you make the most of each year you and your partner celebrate. It’s important to reconnect with each other and the things that are important to you both on your anniversary. Take some time on that day to volunteer for a cause or charity you are passionate about. Maybe each of you participates in a different charity or volunteer endeavor. Make the time to do both so you can understand your partner’s motivations better. It’s simple to imagine that on our wedding anniversaries, we would all load up and go on the most thrilling, expensive vacation we could afford. The issue is that we don’t always have the money or the means to take an Instagram-worthy vacation on every anniversary. Maybe you don’t like to travel. Don’t undervalue the importance of even taking a brief vacation from your normal daily routine. Plan a cheap weekend getaway that you can drive to; it will be memorable in its own right.

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