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Gold digger prank became common in Addis Ababa

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The Federal Police Commission says misrepresentation is being dedicated for the sake of the organization

The Federal Police Commissions Crime Intelligence says misrepresentation is being carried out for the sake of Coca-Cola.

“Congrats on being a $ 200,000 victor,” the commission said in an explanation.

He additionally said that they have deceitfully sent 640,000 Ethiopian birrs for different purposes.

A few casualties told the commission that they had stored 640,000 Ethiopian birrs in the records at different occasions and on different records.

For instance, one individual kept 92,000 birrs in the fraudsters’ record and vanished, the commission said.

Another dad told the commission that the suspects vanished in the wake of saving 640,000 birrs from Horo Guduru Welega at various occasions and in various records.

Also, an instructor from Addis Ababa kept 48,000 birrs in the record of the con artists and discovered that it was a trick.

With an end goal to control the wrongdoing, the fraudsters utilized financial balances and SIM cards to acquire counterfeit IDs and telephone numbers, just as SIM cards that the Junta bunch had recently conveyed.

As per our data, the Federal Police Commission (FPC) has cautioned residents not to succumb to such tricks.

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