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Good news about artist Betelhem Mekonnen

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For the individuals who need to hear something new about the craftsman Betelhem Mekonnen. That amazing voice of Tsedenia is still however enamoring as it seemed to be regardless of whether she was on a long maternity break following the introduction of her twin young men. She presently says she is on another experience of combining conventional Ethiopian instruments with a cutting edge deep strong, thinking of her own remarkable game plan that makes a refreshingly new kind of popular music.

A couple of months prior, Tsedenia had delivered a powerful single named Hememe (my agony), a blend of conventional jazz with a contemporary fly wherein she capably moves her profound, energetic voice to sing how the affection for her life fixes her torment with the hint of his adoration and of his palm. Hememe turned into a sensation to a large number of Ethiopian music sweethearts prompting extraordinary assumptions for the arrival of her first collection of a comparable style. In a select meeting with this magazine, Tsedenia said, “I needed to acquaint another me with the world with the single Hememe. The vast majority believe it’s a gospel melody yet it’s not; it’s an adoration tune. It resembled an examination. I needed to see where it goes and to prepare general society”.

The hotly anticipated opportunity has arrived for Tsedenia’s fans and supporters to encounter something beyond a taste and significance of a solitary hit. Her new collection “Ye Fiker Girma” (The Grace of Love) is expected for discharge before September 2013. It comprises of twelve unique melodies with only one tune in English.

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