Graduation ceremony of Artist Yigerem Dejene’s son

Parents are undoubtedly always proud of their children for a variety of reasons, whether your son completed a challenging reading assignment or your daughter scored her first soccer goal. But just as crucial as their achievement is how you convey your pride to your children. Here are 15 wonderful ways parents can let their children know they are proud of them, from words of wisdom to straightforward deeds of kindness. “I’m proud of you,” say you. When the opportunity arises, tell your child that you are proud of them first and foremost. Although you don’t have to say it every day, children find encouragement from their parents to be very meaningful. Send them a letter. Write a short note or give your child a card or drawing to show them that you are proud of who they are as people or of something they have done. Discuss the difficulties. If your child is having trouble with something, like reading or soccer, lend a hand and acknowledge the difficulties he’s having. At the same time, say how proud you are of your child for taking on these difficulties. Pass around some cookies. Like homemade chocolate chip cookies, nothing embodies love and pride like it. Make some cookies and give one to your child as a reward for being a good kid. Don’t bake? Instead, give your child a cookie from the grocery store’s bakery counter. Declare your pride in front of other people. If you tell your daughter that you are proud of her, that is one thing. When she overhears you talking to her grandparents, it becomes something else. When your children accomplish something admirable, express your pride to others.

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