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We at Club Med think that the holidays are the ideal time to bring families closer together! We’re providing parents the opportunity to build memorable memories with their children with our brand new ‘Amazing Family’ program, which includes a fun-filled weekly agenda of activities. It’s time to put down the phone and reconnect with your children by channeling your inner child. Everyone’s priorities are taken into account while planning a family vacation: Mom and Dad want to relax, the kids want to swim, everyone wants to spend quality time together, and no one wants to be bored. With that in mind, your entire family can support these family holiday spots, which are designed specifically for families traveling with children. Because not every family enjoys the same things, we had to look far and wide for places to visit that would suit your preferences. Whether you’re looking for beach towns, sleepaway camp-like woodland terrain, Caribbean retreats, or dude ranches, there’s a holiday here for you – whether it’s an all-inclusive resort or a houseboat that you drive down the waters yourself. (And if staying in a treehouse has always been a dream of yours, keep reading!) Once you’ve arrived at your chosen destination, fill your days with picturesque hikes, world-record-breaking water slides, kid-friendly golf courses, and even a winery for your vacation-from-your-vacation.

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