Guys need to know these before getting into a relationship

If your relationship were a romantic comedy, it might go something like this: The ideal first date would involve you locking eyes and knowing in your heart that someone is The One before you even say “hello.” Cut to a montage of couples walking hand in hand in the evening while holding hands, baking together, and perhaps taking a tandem bike trip or two. Nobody is surprised that relationships in real life tend to develop a little less dramatically than in movies. It can be difficult to navigate the early stages of a relationship, but it also determines if your romance will last. Being afraid and having bad experiences in a new relationship is normal; after all, it’s a survival tactic to keep from having your heart shattered again. In a romantic comedy, your relationship might go something like this: In a perfect first date, you would lock eyes and feel in your heart that the person is The One before you even say “hello.” Cut to a montage showing couples baking together, going on a few tandem bike rides, and walking hand in hand in the dusk while holding hands. Nobody is shocked when romances in real life progress a little more slowly than in films. The early stages of a relationship can be challenging, but they also determine if your passion will continue. It’s typical to feel anxious and have unpleasant experiences in a new relationship.

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