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Haaccaaluu Hundeessaa Ft Addis Mulat – Ema Wude

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The ministry is made out of clerics, who direct the strict administrations and perform elders, who aid the administrations; and Debtera, who, however not appointed, play out the music and dance related with faith gatherings and furthermore work as stargazers,

spiritualists, and healers. Ethiopian Christianity mixes Christian originations of holy people and holy messengers with pre-Christian convictions in altruistic and vindictive spirits and devils. Impressive accentuation is set on the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). Further, the congregation perceives a more extensive group of sacred writing that incorporates such messages as the prophetically calamitous First Book of Enoch.

generally rehearsed; the Saturday Sabbath (notwithstanding Sunday) is seen by some passionate adherents; the ark is a fundamental thing in each congregation; and thorough fasting is as yet polished.

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