Habesha wedding in Atlanta 2022

The marriage is then declared formal, and cake is consumed. Strangely enough, the actual day of the Ethiopian wedding is when the couple becomes engaged. The wedding party moves to the area of the hall designated for the cutting of the cake and the engagement ceremony once everyone has had their fill of the wedding lunch. The couple exchanges rings, cuts the cake, and then the champagne is opened to begin the ceremony. While the bride is serving each guest a piece of cake and a glass of champagne, she is also throwing candy-filled gift baskets their way. The newlyweds and groom then head back to their special seats.
The reading of the names comes next in the traditional Ethiopian wedding ceremony. After taking pictures with all of their guests, the newlyweds are escorted to the stage for their first dance together. After a brief period of dancing amid flashing cameras, family and guests join the pair. At this point, the band starts to get messages of gratitude from loved ones and friends who aren’t there from all around the world. The next part of the event is dinner at the house of the groom’s family. The newlyweds leave the festivities at the hall and go to the bridegroom’s family’s house. This supper is hosted by the bride and groom’s parents for close family and friends to unwind after a hard day. The rest of the evening is spent talking about the wedding’s many details, which took place amid laughter and love. The Ethiopian wedding is still going on the following day thanks to Melse. The newlyweds are dressed in traditional Ethiopian garb known as Kaba on this day. The couple’s parents had reserved a space for the Melse, or post-wedding celebration.

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