Hailu Fereja and Seifu playing food testing game

Seifu and Hailu Fereja playing a game of food testing. Without respect, there is no such thing as “love,” and neither are a fulfilling relationship or marriage. Why? Because respecting someone in a relationship means you value and adore them completely. Everything else is merely hazy and artificial. A recipe for misery is a relationship between two people who don’t respect one another. We only realize that no one is perfect after a few months. When you truly respect someone, you will gladly accept both the good and the bad and work to make them a better person every day by encouraging them and expressing your love and gratitude in both happy and difficult times. Some people simply desire everything now. Love just doesn’t work this way, which is why these relationships don’t last. You must learn to be patient, and you learn to be patient by fostering and developing respect in a relationship. There will always be some temptations we must overcome along the way, regardless of how strong the love between two people becomes. You won’t be as tempted once respect has been established in a relationship. Building mutual respect and trust in a relationship is essential because you will always make decisions that are best for both of you rather than just for yourself. Lack of communication or an incorrect interpretation of a partner’s emotions, words, or actions is one of the most frequent causes of breakups and divorces. Respect in a relationship means that you will always sit down and discuss any issues you are having.

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