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Hali and Noel on blind date

A mutual acquaintance sets up a blind date for both participants. The participants on a blind date may have never met or seen each other before, hence the term “blind date.” As a result, it is the acquaintance who sets up the date’s job to guarantee that they are a good match. When one person is more interested in the match than the other, the person arranging the date may find it more difficult to evaluate whether the date will be successful. Because it is only a first date, the date is usually two hours or less. Its purpose is to introduce the two people rather than to form a marriage. Furthermore, because they are in the early stages of a relationship, the date is shorter than usual because of the two people’s unfamiliarity. The date is also thrilling in the sense that neither party knows what to anticipate or whether they will click. The date’s location is also influenced by the spontaneity, as it is frequently a neutral and public setting where both parties feel at ease. For the past 60 years, family and friends’ impact on the dating market has been dwindling. The development of the Internet has also displaced the neighborhood, job, and circle of friends as sources of dating partners in the last 15 years. As of May 2013, 11% of adult Americans have used online dating websites or mobile dating apps, while 59 percent of Internet users in the United States believed that online dating was a decent method to meet people. In September 2013, China’s largest online dating site announced over 100 million subscribers. The choice of venue had minimal impact on relationship success for couples who had been together for more than a year.

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