Hanna Girma on EBS tea time

Social scientists refer to this sense of humorous timing as having “humor creation ability, Seriously, credit is due for many other advantages, including financial success. The sad-clown paradox, as it is sometimes known, states that the one aspect of humor that does not seem to increase happiness is being funny. In a 2010 study that was reported in the European Journal of Psychology, researchers asked participants to create captions for cartoons and jokes in response to commonplace aggravating circumstances. They discovered no connection between humor (as determined by outside reviewers) and pleasure or misery. Professional comedians outperform the general population on scales that assess psychotic traits, according to another study. Many of the advantages of humor come from laughter itself, not necessarily from making other people laugh. Additionally, laughter facilitates social relationships even when humor is not present. In fact, according to one study, just 10% to 15% of laughter is prompted by anything even vaguely hilarious. Most of the remaining material aims to convey sentiments like agreement or straightforward conviviality. You’ll understand this if you pay attention to your typical interactions today. The easiest piece of advice is to avoid being depressing and humorless. In this column, I’ve discussed the guilt some people experience for being happy when there are so many real reasons to be worried. Some believe that being humorous when we are worried about crises and injustice is inappropriate. However, this way of thinking is flawed because gloominess repels people and undermines your cause. Of course, there are occasions when humor is inappropriate; remember that timing is everything, but these are less frequent than you might imagine. I’ve heard some of the funniest and best eulogies in my time.

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