Hanna Terefe from Hagerfikir theatre on Sekela show

She gives acting advice and her own principles for success—for acting, auditions, and life—based on her experience training performers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. The best place to start, according to Hawley, is an acting class with a qualified instructor. “Take acting classes that emphasize sound technique development and a progressive approach,” she advises. Also, do not undervalue the importance of learning and practicing technique. When constructing a character truthfully, the actor will be allowed to use his or her creativity if he or she knows the craft and how to use the materials that make up the craft. According to Hawley, if you want to portray a role successfully, you must come to know your character. “An actor must first and foremost know how to play an aim, which is what a character wants,” explains Hawley. “After creating a clear goal, evaluate what the protagonist must do to achieve it. The actions of the character are of the utmost importance. There are hints in the text, but the actor’s imagination will also be required. ” “Because the majority of young performers will work on scenes or monologues, it is crucial to read the complete play from which a scene or monologue is taken multiple times,” she explains. “Research unknown phrases, expressions, characters, and circumstances, as well as the universe of the play — its historical context, time period, and location — in order to embody it.”

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